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Wholesale price OEM follistatin made by best peptide supplier

Purity (by HPLC) ≥98.0% 
Name bodybuilding peptides Follistatin 344
Molecular Formula Ac-Nle-Asp-His-D-Phe-Arg-Trp-Lys-NH2

Introduction of Follistatin 344


Follistatin (FS), a glycoprotein, plays an important role in cell growth and differentiation through the neutralization of the biological activities of activins. Follistatin (FST) is a monomeric activin-binding and neutralization protein that has at least three isoforms in human tissues and fluids. The full-length FS315 protein has an acidic 26-residue C-terminal tail that is not present in the shortest form, FS288, due to alternative splicing. An intermediate form, FS303, was identified in follicular fluid that is presumably derived by proteolytic processing of this tail domain. Interestingly, the biochemistry of each of these three isoforms is distinct, including their ability to bind to cell surface proteoglycans, an activity that ranks in the order FS288 > FS303 > FS315.


Specifiction of Follistatin 344


Product Name

High quality bodybuilding peptides Follistatin 344

Brand Name




Molecular Formula



White to off-white crystalline powder or lumps


Pharmaceutical raw materials

Purity (by HPLC)


Single Impurity(HPLC) 


Amino Acid Composition

±10% of theoretical 

Peptide Content(N%)


Water Content(Karl Fischer)


Acetate Content(HPIC)


Assay(By Anhydrous, Acetic Acid-free )


Bacterial Endotoxins



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