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Wholesale price natural high purity tripotassium glycyrrhizinate cas no 68797-35-3 supplier in China

Certificate ISO 9001 certification
Place of Origin China
Use Food industry

High purity tripotassium glycyrrhizinate is a kind of natural food sweetener which is soluble in water and has good taste. It is an ideal sweetener for people with hypertension, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. As leading medicine trade company in China, we ensure the quality products with ISO 9001 certification and provide high-quality health and beauty products for antiaging. fat loss, bodybuilding and so on. Please contact us for more specification and competitive quotation for these qualified products in bulk. Our sales representatives would serve you through expertise and enthusiastic attitude, at the same time offer your good price in bulk according to different products that buyers demand.


Tripotassium glycyrrhizinate has the functions of adrenocortical hormones
2. Tripotassium glycyrrhizinate has the functions of resisting ulcer, inflammation and allergy.
3. Detoxify, antibiotic, obviously suppress HIV appreciation to strengthen the immunity.
4. Resist brain diseases caused by blood deficiency, preventing artery sclerosis from occurring anddevelopment.
5. Tripotassium glycyrrhizinate is chiefly applied to pharmaceuticals industry as the material of eyedrop and officinal toothpaste;
6. Tripotassium glycyrrhizinate has the efficacy in Anti-inflammatory, antianaphylaxis and moist boost.
7. Tripotassium glycyrrhizinate is active against conjunctivitis, keratitis, stomatitis and periodontitis.


1.As a sweetener, glycyrrhetinic acid is used in food industry;

2.As product for benefiting stomach, glycyrrhetinic acid is widely used in health industry;

3.As raw materials of drugs for clearing heat and detoxicating, glycyrrhetinic acid is used in medicine field;

4.Applied in cosmetic field, glycyrrhetinic acidis able to nourish and cure the skin;

5.Glycyrrhetinic acid is usually used to treat AIDS;

6.Glycyrrhetinic acid is benefiting stomach, treating weakness of stomach, lassitude, shortness of breath;

7.Glycyrrhetinic acid has the function of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and promoting the immune system;

8.Glycyrrhetinic acid can be used for clearing heat and detoxicating, expectorant and trating cough and epigastric abdominal.

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