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Several benefits exist for those who include Ipamorelin injections as a part of their workout and dietary regimen. The growth hormone is one of the safest growth hormones (GH) replacement therapies available on the market today. Some of the benefits Ipamorelin users will experience include

  • Increase in GH levels and IGF1 (insulin growth factor) levels
  • Improvement with inflammatory conditions
  • Support with age management (helps fight the signs of aging)
  • Helps decrease hunger pangs and improve the user’s metabolism.

One of the greatest benefits Ipamorelin users experience are the weight loss benefits. This occurs, in part, because users don’t feel as hungry as the injection helps rev up the metabolism and decrease levels of hunger. By speeding up the metabolism, users are going to burn more calories, more quickly, in a shorter amount of time. And, given the fact that they’re not as hungry, as frequently, they’ll naturally consume fewer calories throughout the course of the day.