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The dosage prescribed by your doctor for sermorelin is going to vary for each individual. For most users, a daily dosage level of .2 to .3 mcg daily is prescribed. Women who are breastfeeding should speak to their doctor prior to using injections. The prescription levels and dosing instructions are also going to vary for younger children who are prescribed sermorelin.

Dosage levels might fluctuate given health history, other medications, age, and other external factors. When discussing the use of sermorelin as an alternative in treating low levels, you’ll discuss proper use and dosing for the best results. Dosage will also fluctuate given the individual’s weight, med

The injection should be administered once daily. It is best to inject sermorelin before bedtime. You should do so on an empty stomach. The subcutaneous injection can be administered anywhere on the body with higher levels of fat. The stomach or upper thigh, are often good places for the injection, as it won’t hurt as much as areas on the body with less fat.

Again, it is important to discuss with your doctor the appropriate conditions surrounding the injection and its use. But, for most users, injecting prior to bedtime allows the sermorelin to work its way through the bloodstream overnight, and will produce the best results in increasing deficiencies of the growth hormone over time.

In the event you forget to inject sermorelin, don’t wait too long afterwards to inject. As soon as you notice you have missed your injection time, it is best to inject so as to avoid the dosage.

ical conditions, and how they respond to other forms of therapy that a doctor might suggest, when dealing with the deficiencies.