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What is aerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise, in simple terms, is that when we exercise, the oxygen that is inhaled and the oxygen that the body needs during exercise are balanced. The most typical characteristic of aerobic exercise is that the training intensity is moderate and the duration is long. However, judging whether a sport is aerobic exercise is not enough. The most important thing is the exercise heart rate. Once you start exercising, your heart rate will be faster than usual. As long as it is less than 150 times per minute, it is aerobic exercise.

What is anaerobic exercise?

The "anaerobic" of anaerobic exercise is relative to aerobic exercise, that is, the oxygen ingested by our body is not enough to support exercise consumption, and it is not simply hypoxia. The intensity of anaerobic exercise is large, and the transient is very strong, so the duration is short. Exercises such as weightlifting and sprinting are typical of anaerobic exercise. At this time, aerobic metabolism does not meet the needs of our body. The sugar in the body undergoes anaerobic metabolism and rapidly produces a large amount of energy. Exercise is anaerobic exercise.