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Trisodium Glycyrrhizinate

CAS 71277-78-6/56649-78-6
MF C42H59Na3O16
MW 888.88 g/mol
EINECS 260-308-8


Trisodium Glycyrrhizinate is a natural food sweetener extracted by special processing technology from natural plants in licorice.

The main components of licorice acid, sweetness is 200-300 times that of sucrose, is very easy to dissolve in water, the solution

is clear and transparent, free of impurities and smell, good taste in food additives having a low heat, safe non-toxic and strong

health effects, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, heart disease ideal sweetener use, rich licorice special flavor, with health

care, detoxification, Liver, anti-inflammatory, flavor, etc. It is ideal natural sweetener materials.

Product Name:

Trisodium Glycyrrhizinate


Glycyrrhizic Acid Trisodium Salt;
Trisodium Glycyrrhizin; Trisodium Glycyrrhizinate






888.88 g/mol



Product Categories:

pharmaceutical intermediate;phytochemical;reference standards from Chinese medicinal herbs (TCM).;standardized herbal extract




1. Skin freshener, moisturizer and face cream for cosmetics industry.

2. It has certain therapeutic effect on conjunctivitis, keratitis, stomatitis and periodontitis.

3. Mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry as raw material for eye drops and medicinal toothpaste.

4. In the food industry, it can be used as potassium, sweetener, preservative and flavoring agent in sports drinks.Yema biological

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1. Often used for cosmetics freckle, anti - allergy

Used as skin softener and face cream.

It is also used in daily chemicals and toothpaste.

3. Used in foods, usually as sweeteners, preservatives,

And can supplement potassium.

4. It is used medically and added to eye drops.

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