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Top quality IGF-1 lr3 100mcg with best price

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Name High quality IGF-1 LR3
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Place of Origin Professional factory in China


IGF-1Lr3 is basically a polypeptide hormone that has the same some of the same molecular properties as insulin.Ig-f-1 dose actually stand for insulin-like growth factor. IGF-1Lr3 is mainly responsible for long bone growth in children and it also affects muscle growth and repair of adults. IGF-1Lr3 is a more potent version of IGF-1Lr3. It's chemically altered i like to think "enhanced" to prevent deactivation by IGF-1Lr3 binding proteins in the bloodstream. This results in a longer half-life of 20-30 hours instead of 20 min... So that means a far more effective version than the short chain we we re perhaps more familiar with.IGF-1Lr3 is also known as IGF-1Lr3 or Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Long Arg3.

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Using this on cycle and during PCT. increased muscle retention and faster recovery. IGF-1-LR3 will cause even greater elevations in Igf and the potential for more muscle growth and fat loss through its unique ability to drain fat cells and supply muscle cells with vital nutrients.

1) Helps regulate fat for use as energy, resulting in fat loss.

2).Contributes to anti aging. As we get older, IGF-1 production slows down and this

results in cell reduction. Low levels of IGF-1 are linked to heart failure, lower brain

cell regulation and neuron function. Not to mention muscle tissue breakdown.

3).Helps to increase nutrient shuttling (protein synthesis).

4).Increases regenerative functions of nerve tissues.

5).Boosts the ability to cause hyperplasia in muscle cells resulting in fuller muscle


1.IGF-1 LR3 is very effective at building muscle and burning fat. It acts as a neuroprotector and a neuropromotor so mental functions like memory, reflexes and learning ability is enhanced.

2.IGF-1 LR3 is essential for the production of connective tissues and insures proper bone density.

3.By promoting nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, IGF-1 LR3 facilitates grow-th of muscles by hyperplasia and mitogenesis. In other words, it is not only responsible for making muscle fibers bigger, it also makes more of them.

4.IGF-1 LR3 is an amino acid of the original IGF-1 in the human body but with the substitution of Arg for the Glu at position 3. It also has a 13 amino acid extension peptide that makes it more potent than IGF-1.

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