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Supply natural licorice root extract monoammonium glycyrrhizinate powder cas 53956-04-0 factory

Product Name Monoammonium glycyrrhizinate
Appearance Pale white fine Powder
Application Pharmaceutical industry
MOQ 1kg

Monoammonium glycyrrhizinate (MAG), also known as glycyrrhizinic acid monoammonium salt, is a bioactive plant component isolated from the root of Glycyrrhiza uralensis. Monoammonium glycyrrhizinate can be converted to 18 β - glycyrrhetinic acid. As leading medicine trade company in China, we ensure the quality products with ISO 9001 certification and provide high-quality health and beauty products for antiaging. fat loss, bodybuilding and so on. Please contact us for more specification and competitive quotation for these qualified products in bulk. Our sales representatives would serve you through expertise and enthusiastic attitude, at the same time offer your good price in bulk according to different


Product Name





Place of Origin

monoammonium glycyrrhizinate

Pale white fine Powder

Pharmaceutical industry


Cool Dry Place

Jiangsu, China


Mono Ammonium Glycyrrhizinate is an extract from licorice root. Licorice is often used to help health coughs. MAG is a white powder that is often used as a flavoring agent due to its sweetnes.
It can resist hepatotoxicity, lowering the GPT (glutamic-pyruvic transaminase), recovering the function of liver cell, resist the steatosis, promote the metabolism of bile pigment, decrease the hyperplasia of collagenous fiber also protect the liver fromcirrhosis.

The main component is glycyrrhizic acid, 200-300 times sweeter than sucrose and there is no sour tasting. Lower heat, higher sweetness, safety and innocuity, it can be a healthy product. Glycyrrhizine has a nice smell. Also it is a perfect sweetener for those patients who have hypertension, diabetes, obesity and heart disease.


The molecular formula

C42H68N2O16 Molecular



Accurate mass


Appearance and properties

White powder with strong sweetness, which is about 200 times of sucrose. It is soluble in ammonia water but insoluble in glacial acetic acid.



Boiling point

971.4ºC at 760mmHg

Flash point



stable at normal temperature and pressure

Storage conditions





Used for abnormal liver function caused by acute, chronic and prolonged hepatitis; It has a certain auxiliary treatment effect on toxic hepatitis, traumatic hepatitis and cancer; Also used for food poisoning, drug poisoning, drug allergy, etc.


Resisting brain diseases caused by blood deficienc,preventing artery sclerosis from occurring and development.


Detoxify,antibiotic,obviously suppress HIV appreciation to strengthen the immunity.

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