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Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate from Licorice Extract

Product Name Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate
CAS 13832-70-7
MF C48H82O4
MW 723.16228


Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate is a classical anti-inflammatory therapy. Used in cosmetic products for skin immunologic function and improve the disease resistance, reduce inflammation, prevent allergy, clean skin, and remove the side-effect on skin.

SG can impede the melanin production, has whitening function. The dissolubility to grease had been improved markedly by adding lipophilic Policosanol, low melting point and wide compatibility. Can be used in sunscreen, whitening, conditioning, itching relieving, moisturizing products and etc. Perfect anti-inflammatory function.

Product Name:

Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate


Octadecyl3-hydroxy-11-oxoolean-12-en-29-oate;Stearylglycyrrhetate;Olean-12-en-29-oic acid, 3-hydroxy-11-oxo-, octadecyl ester, (3.beta.,20.beta.)-;RYL GLYCYRRHETINATE;steayl glycyrrhetinate;Glycyrrhetinic acid stearyl ester;Stearyl glycyrrhetinate;3β-Hydroxy-11-oxoolean-12-en-30-oic acid octadecyl ester









Product Categories:

Pentacyclic Triterpenes;Tri-Terpenoids;Miscellaneous;Biochemistry;Terpenes;Terpenes (Others);Natural Plant Extract;Cosmetic Ingredients & Chemicals;Chiral Reagents;Heterocycles;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals;Inhibitors




The stearyl glycyrrhetinate have high level oil-soluble saturated molecular group structure, so,it solved in lipid's effect is better than glycyrrhetinic acid very much.

It is good at compatibility, it easily solving with more kinds of lipids and higher alcohols. Compare with glycyrrhetinic acid, stearyl glycyrrhetinate have low melting point and high steam pressure, which let it efficiency higher than glycyrrhetinic acid 50% on skin bacteriostasis, removing inflammation and so on. In cosmetic industry, it is chiefly applied to improving the capability of anti-viral, removing inflammation, prevent allergy, cleaning skin, whitening, sun protection and it can relieve toxic side effect from cosmetic or other factors for skin.

The stearyl glycyrrhetinate could be solving in absolute alcohol, stearyl alcohol, Vaseline, squalene, vegetable oil and it slightly solving in glycerin and propylene glycol.


1. In cosmetic industry stearyl glycyrrhetinate usually used in skin cream, body wash, freckle cream, facial mask and other cosmetic cream products. 

2. It is chiefly applied to pharmaceuticals industry as material of eyedrop and stomatitis ointment and other poultice. 

3. In daily-use chemical industry, it is applied to toothpaste, shaver cream or shaver gel or similar products.

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