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Quality Sarms phenylpiracetam carphedon with best price hotsale

Name Phenylpiracetam
Other Name Carphedon


Phenylpiracetam, is a Phenylpiracetam product with nootropic* effects. Experimental studies have proved it to be effective in
improving memory and learning capacity.
This medicine has a sedative effect, which does not influence the activity of the autonomous nervous system. Its action is mildly
disinhibitory and antidepressant.Phenylpiracetam is a nootropic drug derived from piracetam, and is more potent (i.e. lower dosage
is used). It belongs to the racetam family of nootropics. Phenylpiraceta was developed by Parke-Davis based on Piracetam, and is
 8-30 times stronger than Piracetam.

Product Name

Phenylpiracetam / Carphedon




C12H14N2O2, C12H14N2O2


White Powder



Brand Name



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1. Improves mood.
2. Helps fight fatigue.
3. Prevents oxidation within the brain.
4. Treats alcohol related brain damage.
 5. Prevents caffeine withdrawal symptom


1. Properly digest and absorb protein and fat.
2. To help the essential amino acids, tryptophan is converted to niacin.
3. Prevent various nerves and skin diseases.
4. relieve vomiting.
5. Promote nucleic acid synthesis and prevent tissue and organ aging.
6. Reduce the effects of antidepressants caused by dry mouth and dysuria.
7. Slow night muscle spasm, urticaria and other symptoms of hand and foot and neurosis.
8. Natural diuretics
9. Treatment of congenital metabolic dysfunction.
10. Prevention and treatment of vitamin B6 deficiency.
11. Supplements for patients who need more vitamin B6.
 12. Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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