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Recommended muscle gain combination:

1. HGH+GHRP-6 growth hormone is matched with G-6. After use for more than 3-4 months, the user's appetite will increase greatly, and she will gain very pure lean body mass. Of course, peptides and steroids are also a better choice!

2. HGH+GHRP-6+IGF-1 IGF-1 can focus on increasing the dimensionality of the target muscle group and the number of muscle fibers in the entire plan. IGF-1 belongs to intramuscular injection and direct injection to increase unsatisfactory dimensions and weak muscles in weak parts group.

3. HGH+GHRP-6+IGF-1+FST344 FST344 is used when the gene limit is finally broken. 344 is definitely the crystallization of science. 344 can directly break growth barriers and destroy "myostatin" to achieve a terrifying growth dimension!