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What is TB 500 ?

TB-500 is a synthetic replica of Thymosin Beta 4, a protein peptide that occurs naturally in the bodies of both animals and humans. Although TB-500 is available for research purposes, it is commonly used by veterinarians who conduct clinical trials using TB-500 on horses.

The main reason for this is due to TB-500’s powerful healing properties which expedite a speedy recovery from injuries. As a result of this benefit, TB-500 is commonly used in horse racing in order to increase performance and lessen the occurrence of injuries.

Function of TB-500

In various studies, TB-500 has revealed that it offers many of the same effects as that of growth hormone, including but not limited to:

Greater muscle growth through increased strength.

Greater endurance.

 Accelerated healing for wounds.
Reduction of acute and/or chronic pain including inflammation.
Greater increase in flexibility.
Increased hair growth.