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Hot selling Pharmaceutical grade peptides 2mg Tesamorelin 99%

CAS 218949-48-5
MF C211H366N72O67S1
MW 5135.89
Appearance White powder


Tesamorelin is a synthetic growth hormone releasing factor that stimulates the pituitary gland in thebrain to secrete growth hormone; this indirect approach appears tomaintain more stable, natural levels, like CJC1295 DAC

Tesamorelin is a peptide called growth hor-mone releasing factor (GHRF) that produces and propagates growth hor-mone in the body, helps to increase metabolism, reduce abdominal fat, improve body shape and use energy.

Tesamorelin is a synthetic growth ho-rmone releasing factor that promotes growth hor-mone pituitary secretion. This indirect method seems to maintain a more stable natural level, such as the C-J-C-1295 DAC. Clinical trials have shown that tasamorelin significantly reduces abdominal fat than human growth hor-mone itself has less side effects, although abdominal fat may be returned after Tesamorlein withdrawal.

Tesamorelin Purity (HPLC)


Tesamorelin CAS


Tesamorelin Molecular Formula


Tesamorelin Molecular Weight


Tesamorelin Appearance

white powder






1.Tesamorelin, long known as an antioxidant with potential anti-cancer activity

2.lower one’sblood sugar level, suppress the appetite, lower blood pressure, and reduce levels of visceral fat

3.Test results showed Tesamorelin had more than double the rate of oxygen radical absorbance capability when compared to Pahrm

Grade Tesamorelin and grape seed extracts

4.Act as an effective painkiller especially for migraine medications

5.Reduce the risk of diabetes

6.Help with muscle fatigue for athletes and bodybuilders

7.Tesamorelin has biological effects in the small intestine that alter patterns of glucose uptake


1) Tesamorelin is a new AIDS Drug Bodybuilders Take for Fat Loss

2) Tesamorelin, which is used to reduce belly fat in HIV patients, could be the ultimate key for bodybuilders who have trouble getting ripped abs.

3) Traditionally used to help HIV patients reduce body fat around their abdomens, EGRIFTA is now being tested for use in non-HIV patients. Even more interesting is the fact that some bodybuilders have already gotten a hold of the drug in hopes of vanishing body fat around their waist, and building the ultimate set of abs. To date, clinical studies suggest that Tesamorelin reduces visceral fat in HIV-infected patients with abdominal lipo-hypertrophy as well as reducing abdominal fat in all individuals studied.

4) Tesamorelin Boosts Cognition in Elderly

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