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Hot selling best quality Sponge Hydrolyzed with competitive price manufacturer

Product Name Sponge Hydrolyzed
Appearance Soft,shell like or branched clumps


The sponge microneedles are derived from freshwater sponges, which are naturally developed as a freshwater sponge to adapt to the living environment. They are very tiny, powder or gel-like, and the needles are invisible to the naked eye. In essence, this is an extreme Tiny needle-shaped bone, which can be inserted into the pores of the skin, is also called a sponge needle.

It can open the skin channel directly to the dermis layer, help activate skin microcirculation, relieve skin pore blockage, accelerate skin metabolism, accelerate the natural exfoliation of the aged cuticle, and shorten the skin renewal cycle from 28 days to 1 week.

Product Name

Spongilla Powder

Plant Part

Whole Body

Regular Specification


98% Spongilla Powder

Straight Powder


Pharmaceutical / Dietary supplement / Cosmetic

Shelf Life

2 years


1.The micro-needle penetrates into the stratum corneum and epidermis to accelerate the absorption of moisture and nutrients;

2. Deep into the hair follicle, adsorption to remove clogged pores and oil, quickly remove toxins and garbage can effectively deal with dark yellow skin, anti-black after laser surgery, exfoliation, blackheads, skin inflammation, rough skin, folliculitis, seborrhea, skin pigmentation , sun damage and aging, skin rejuvenation, fine wrinkles, large pores, acne, pustules, dandruff, oil secretion (oil control), etc.

3.The aging keratin naturally falls off, which is conducive to the skin's ability to regenerate and generate new cells;

4.Stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastin


The densely packed glassy sponge needle seen under the microscope is a fairly good impurity adsorbent that can destroy the protein structure of microorganisms or viruses.

The product and the negative ion charge carried by itself can also adsorb impurities or precipitate pigments, which have certain repairing effect on the epidermis; its regenerative performance is strong, and it can resist viruses and bacteria.

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