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High quality Sea Cucumber Polypeptide

Specification Sea Cucumber Polypeptide
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Sea cucumber polypeptide  introduction:

Sea cucumber peptides are small molecular peptides obtained by hydrolysis of sea cucumber with protease and purification. In addition, sea cucumber also contains a variety of active peptides such as neuropeptides, sugar peptides and antimicrobial peptides.
Compared with sea cucumber, sea cucumber polypeptide has good solubility, stability, low viscosity and other special physical and chemical properties. Therefore, the enzymatic hydrolyzed sea cucumber peptide has the advantages of high biopotency and safe food,
and higher biopotency than common sea cucumber products.

Product name

Sea Cucumber Polypeptide


Sea Cucumber Extract


light yellow powder


crude protein 80%, Peptide 75%


1. Sea Cucumber Peptide can anti-fatigue, keep skin smooth and elastic, delay the aging of the body.

2. Sea Cucumber Peptide can improve body immunity.

3. Sea Cucumber Peptide can lowering blood sugar,tonifying kidney and nourishing blood.


1. Sea Cucumber Peptide applied to food fields.

2. Sea Cucumber Peptide applied to health care products.

3. Sea Cucumber Peptide applied to cosmetic fields.

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