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High quality MGF 2mg fast delivery bodybuilding

Product Name MGF
Function Stimulates muscle growth


Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) exhibits local effects in skeletal muscle and without cannot travel through the body withoutmodification. The problem with synthetic Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) is that it is introduced intramuscularly and is water basedso it goes into the blood stream. When used this way, Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) only remains stable in the blood stream for a few minutes. Biologically produced MGF is made locally and does not enter the bloodstream. It is also short acting so stability is not an issue. By PEGylating the Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) it is almost as efficient as local produced Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) when used intramuscularly. This is accomplished by surrounding part of the peptide with a structure of polyethylene glycol,which can be attached to a protein molecule. The polyethylene glycol groups protect the peptide but do not surround it completely.The active sites of the peptide are still free to do their biological function. In this case the shell is a negative charged shield against positively charged compounds that would affect the protein.

Product Name:

Mechano growth factor (MGF)






- Increases muscle mass
- Speeds up recovery
- Aids permanent fat loss
- Repairs and recovers wasted muscle tissue

- Enables wasted tissue to grow

- Boostes the regulation of protein synthesis

- Leads to an overall boost in strength and muscle mass

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