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1 Targets anti-aging, general health and wound healing, fat loss and other uses, etc. :

Two to three iu per day (10 to 15iu per week) is enough. For middle-aged people, a dose of 1.5 to 2iu per day is generally adequate. Hypodermic injection of growth hormone can achieve an absorption rate of 70-80%, so 2-3 IU daily dose of growth hormone is sufficient to achieve these goals.

2 Aims to increase muscle mass and dramatically improve body composition

For this purpose, a dose of growth hormone of 5 to 10iu per day (25 to 50iu per week) is necessary. Most people with an active pituitary gland respond well at 5iu/ day. For advanced bodybuilders and other high-intensity athletes, though, a dose closer to 10iu/ day is within the reasonable range.

The addition of testosterone tests and/or other anabolic products should also be considered if the results are to be maximized. Further, other nutrients such as insulin and low doses of T3 or T4 may also be considered.

But whatever your goals, as a general rule, the best way to start with growth hormone is to start with a low dose and let your body get used to it. This will help you avoid (or at least reduce) many of the common side effects of growth hormone: bloating, joint pain, and edema. Most people can receive a dose of about 2iu/ day, so 2iu/ day is a good initial dose choice.

For doses greater than 2.5 -- 3iu/ day, I recommend splitting your dose equally and getting two doses a day (if that's feasible). In my personal experience, I have had a single dose of 10iu, but at that level of dose, my body developed very severe joint pain and bloating. In my experiments, at least for me, keeping the single dose below 3-3.5 IU felt more effective in boosting my IGF-1 levels while minimizing the side effects of a high dose of GROWTH hormone.

Here's a nice stepwise dose arrangement:

Week1-4 Growth hormone 2IU/day

Week5 growth hormone 2.5 IU/day

Week6 growth hormone 3IU/day (divided into two injections, one 1.5 IU)

Week7 Growth hormone 3.5 IU/day (divided into two injections, one 1.75 IU)

Keep increasing until you reach your desired dose.

If you start to feel distension or joint pain during this process, reduce the dose by 25% and keep it up for a few weeks. If the discomfort subsides, continue your stepwise increase plan until you reach your desired dose. If discomfort persists, reduce your dose again and keep it up for two weeks before continuing to step up. This method allows you to use growth hormone safely with few side effects.

A regular growth hormone cycle lasts five to eight months and is injected once or twice a day, seven days a week. Meanwhile, studies have shown that inhibition and negative feedback from exogenous growth hormone is very short (about 4 hours after the injection time point). Have anti-aging organization research makes clear, when using growth hormone for a long time, rest two days a week, can have the effect of protecting pituitary gland. So if you are using growth hormone as a lifestyle, I would consider using a 5ON2OFF or 6ON1OFF strategy. Until we have reliable data that long-term growth hormone use does not affect the output of the pituitary gland. I personally tried every injection strategy I could imagine designing. All I can say about the anti-aging doctor's hypothesis is that it's all proven and working on me. I recently ended a seven-year growth hormone cycle. I get my platelets tested every six weeks. After a few months of stopping growth hormone, my body levels have greatly improved compared to a few years ago..... For my age. All levels and marker values are completely healthy and normal.

Another option is to take growth hormone for 2 months to get your IGF-1 levels up quickly, helping you build an anabolic environment, and then back up to 5ON2OFF. If your body can handle the side effects of a high dose of growth hormone, the strategy of taking growth hormone every other day is also a good one.

This usage strategy can go on. But the best way to use it depends on your body and your goals.