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Simply put, bodybuilding drugs are no more than two categories, that is, steroids and peptide hormones, their common role for bodybuilding is to improve the body's anabolism function, accelerate the recovery of body training. And outside of bodybuilding movement, the use of drugs while category is also this two kinds big, but the purpose is different, for weightlifting athletes, for example, are usually better strength does not increase the weight, at the same time the drug will have the effect of improving power recovery after training at the same time not have anabolic effect, because the weight is according to weight division level, The smaller you are, the more weight you can lift, the more advantage you have; For track and field athletes, explosive power and endurance mean everything. For sprints and some field events, explosive power determines performance. For middle and long distance runners, endurance is crucial.

In order to understand the difference between peptide hormones and steroids, let's briefly explain what peptide hormones and steroids are. Peptide hormones are all composed of amino acids. For example, HGH, a common growth hormone, is composed of 191 amino acids. Insulin is also a common peptide hormone widely used in diabetes. Insulin is composed of 51 amino acids according to a specific structure. Quite simply, different amounts of amino acids combine in different ways to perform different functions, and the resulting hormone is essentially a protein polypeptide molecule. That's why peptide hormones can't be taken orally, because when the protein polypeptide molecule is taken orally, the body digests and absorbs it as a protein nutrient, rather than letting it do its job. The most common way peptide hormones are used is by subcutaneous injection. As scary as it sounds, they are simply injected into the fat layer of the body, rather than into muscle, where they slowly spread to the body. Is most common in the field of sports and fitness field should belong to growth hormone HGH peptide hormone, growth hormone is secreted by the hypothalamus to a body which has the function of growth hormone, we human beings between youth and adolescence secrete large amounts of growth hormone with long body, and in the adult growth hormone secretion decreases, Between the ages of 36 and 38, the pineal gland in the hypothalamus degenerates and growth hormone stops being produced. The use of growth hormone in bodybuilding is not actually for muscle growth, more bodybuilders and drug users use growth hormone for the purpose of fat loss. Yes, yes, very good lipolysis effects of growth hormone, when it is to play a role in the human body, can make the body more fat metabolic oxidation decomposition, and at the same time protect the muscle glycogen, very simple to understand, is to make the original energy mechanism is derived from glycogen reserves into from body fat, let more calories from fat. In addition to bodybuilding, another great use of growth hormone is anti-aging. It has a very significant anti-aging function, which can make the skin shine and make people look younger physically and mentally. The anabolic effects of growth hormone (colloquially known as muscle building) are not very powerful and only show up in large doses.