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Proviro is the brand name of the oral androgen Mesterolone (1-methyldihydrotestosterone) of Schering-Plough (now Bayer). Similar to dihydrotestosterone, methtestosterone is a strong androgen, but has only a weak anabolic activity. This is because, like DHT, it is rapidly reduced to inactive diol metabolites in muscle tissue with high concentrations of 3-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. Some have argued that the weak anabolic nature of methtestosterone indicates a tendency to block androgen receptors in muscle tissue, thereby compromising the effects of other, more potent steroids, which should not be accepted. In fact, because of its high affinity for plasma binding proteins such as SHBG, methtestosterone can actually maintain the activity of other steroids by replacing a higher percentage with a free unbound state.

Effects of methtestosterone Proviron

Met is not the dominant steroid during muscle building and may not have a place in the off-season CYCLE of many male users. There are exceptions, of course. Adding testosterone to the musculoping cycle may help users break out of a growth plateau. Sometimes there is a plateau (slowing weight gain) about halfway through the cycle. Methtestosterone increases the amount of free testosterone in the body so it helps to break through the plateau. For bodybuilders, off-season is the time to use a lot of testosterone, and some even use high doses during fat loss. However, for users who choose to cycle low-dose testosterone during the off-season, it may provide a degree of androgenic assistance.

There is no doubt that testosterone is better for fat loss. This steroid increases muscle firmness and, more importantly, increases the effectiveness of other steroid combinations. We've talked about how testosterone has a very strong binding capacity with androgen receptors, which increases the efficiency of fat metabolism. It is also important to note the anti-female properties of methtestosterone, which ensures that the circulation does not suffer side effects such as water storage or whore's milk. It also increases the amount of free testosterone in the body, which is useful when there isn't as much testosterone in the body during fat loss. Finally, because of its androgen properties, methtestosterone can greatly enhance the effect of other steroids during fat loss to improve muscle firmness and line. But it's important to note that testosterone only works when the sebum is low.