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Best quality collagen tripeptide powder supplier

Name Collagen tripeptide
Abbreviation CTP

Collagen tripeptide Introduction:

Collagen peptide is a kind of extracellular protein, it is 3 piece peptides twisted into a spiral of fibrous protein, collagen is the most abundant protein content in the human body, about a third of the total body protein. A 60 kg in the body adults about 3 kg of collagen, mainly exist in the human body skin, eyes, bones, teeth, tendons, internal organs (including the heart, stomach, intestines, blood vessels) etc, its function is to maintain the skin and tissue organ morphology and structure, it is also an important raw material to repair the damaged tissue. In the composition of human skin, 70% is composed of collagen.

Collagen tripeptide Function :

1.collagen tripeptide can enhance physical strength and inhibit senescence

2.collagen tripeptide with the function of calm, anti-convulsion and labor pains

3.collagen tripeptide prevent and cure cirrhosis

4.collagen tripeptide improve ischemia myocardial, prevent and cure coronary heart disease

5.collagen tripeptide achroacyte conversion,Induce immune factor growing,Strengthen immunity

Collagen tripeptide Application:

1. Applied on pharmaceutical industry

2. Applied on health care products and food industry

3. Applied on cosmetic industry

Product Description

Collagen tripeptide (CTP) is the smallest structural unit of collagen prepared from pig skin and fish skin using advanced bioengineering technology. It is a type containing glycine, proline (or hydroxyproline) Plus a tripeptide of other amino acids. Simply put, collagen tripeptide actually uses advanced bioengineering technology to intercept small collagen structures that are useful for the skin from large collagen molecules. Its structure can be simply expressed as Gly-x-y. The average molecular weight is 280 Daltons. Because the molecular weight of collagen tripeptide is very small, it can be fully absorbed by the human body. At the same time, collagen tripeptide can also effectively penetrate into the stratum corneum, dermis layer and hair root cells.


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