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BECO new 2019 good quality beauty equipment with good price for beauty salon eye around skin lifting

Power 250VA
RF  1-2MHZ
Input Voltage AC100-110, 220-230v, 50-60 Hz

What's the treatment theory of this machine?

Patented natural white precious metal (Pt) platinum finger, which combines quantum radio frequency, far infrared ray, cold light and ultra-shock in one finger. With ice sculpture, it can use professional skin literary techniques to flexibly use facial and body irregular parts. Layers against skin cells, eliminates fine lines, shrinks pores, improves wrinkles and fat granules, and enhances contours.


What's the technical specification? 

Main Function
Acne scar, Skin Tightening and Whitening,
Wrinkle Removal, Stretch Marks Removal

Non-surgical Face Lifting
Face Treatment
Wrinkle Reduction

Skin Tightening

Skin Rejuvenation (Whitening)
Body Treatment

What is the advantage of this machine ?

1. Automatic sensing technology for human body sensing 

2. High-fidelity output waveform is derived from load automatic balancing technology

3. Layered cell molecular friction heating technology

4. 500,000-100,000 times per second automatic frequency conversion technology

5. Far infrared light penetrates the skin low layer technology

6. Super-shock rapid skin absorption technology

7. Cold and light ultra-wavelength skin lightening technology

8. Liquid circulation ice sculpture desensitization technology

What's the application of this machine ? 

1. Eliminate fine lines and shrink pores

2. Reduce the sag of the dermis to make the face firming

3. Improve contours and improve skin texture.

4. Reduce neck line, create V face

5. Reduce eye bags, eyelids, dark circles

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