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Adequate quality freeze-dried powder for anti-wrinkle producer

Name Freeze-dried powder
Effect Sterilization and anti-inflammatory

Product Description:

The freeze-dried powder is a sterile powder injection prepared by freezing the liquid medicine into a solid state under a sterile environment and sublimating and drying the water under vacuum. The freeze-dried powder is obtained by freeze-drying the water in the liquid medicine in advance using the vacuum freeze-drying method of the freeze-drying machine, and then sublimating the frozen water in the liquid medicine in a vacuum sterile environment. In short, drain the water in the liquid under low temperature environment to retain its original drug effect.

For drying heat-sensitive products and substances that need to maintain biological activity, lyophilization is an effective method. This method freezes the moisture contained in the product that needs to be dried at a low temperature, and then it is dried in a vacuum environment, so that the moisture is directly sublimated into water vapor from the solid state and removed from the product to make the product active and dry. The method effectively prevents the physical and chemical and biological characteristics of the product from being changed, and the damage to the biological tissue and cell structure and characteristics is small, so that it quickly enters the dormant state, and effectively protects the stability of the active ingredients of many thermosensitive pharmaceutical biological products.

Effect: It has sterilization and anti-inflammatory, and removes free radicals.

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